Thursday, January 22, 2009

Glen Beck: US Money Supply UP 70% since October


Anonymous said...

Glen Beck is out of control. Has he checked the actual money figures over the past couple of years? He can do so easily, or you can - go to:

he can see that the money supply has NOT increased significantly since September of last year. If he's wrong on these facts, can you believe any of his analysis?

JD Mackiewicz said...

I know the web site you referenced does not include M3, which is not calculated anymore. I do not know for sure what kind of money Glen Beck was talking about, but the point being is that the US is printing/(creating) trillions of dollars out if thin air. Huge inflation is in our future.

frostymug said...

The idea that the gov't has to print more federal reserve notes (physical paper dollars) in order to increase the money supply as suggested by Glen in this video is quite naive. I don't know how much of the money supply is in federal reserve notes but I am sure it is less than 50% of M3, probably less than 10%. Most money is simply numbers in a banks computer database. Google "Debt as Money" and "fractional reserve banking".